Choosing your Confetti

Confetti Revolution

Confetti, So simple is it not? – your guests bring it with them to your wedding and throw it when the photographer tells them to. NOPE – that is so a decade ago .There is so much more to confetti…

Many shops sell standard boxes of confetti, simple tissue paper crammed into a box in a regular pink and white shade, much of which is not allowed in churches these days. At Confetti Revolution we saw that on the shop shelves offered little choice & especially not petals. *weeps into ones hankies* This is why we decided to build a range on REAL petals, give our brides the choice they deserve and let you TAKE CONTROL of that confetti shot that you want to swoon over in years to come. How do you choose your confetti? Well another thing we decided to do when building our brand was to illustrate to you, petals of different sizes, flower type and of course colour to help you make your decision.

So over the coming weeks and before our launch in winter 18//19 we will be bringing you confetti tv, tips & hints on the perfect throw! Do you want bright and bold petals to contrast with your dress, or do you want delicate and small slow fluttering petals? What would you like them in and how will you present them to your guests ahead of the big day and how will they know what to do? Leave it to us, keep checking back on our site as we will walk you through the perfect confetti shot for you and your guests.


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